Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Photos/Ashley home for visit

Just a few pics of Ashley at her home visit 2 days was so great to have her home, even for a few hours..The first pic was taken on my cell phone. Her therapist had her transfer from her wheelchair to the couch..She said that she wished she could cross her legs, like she use to..Her dad said, 'well, let's do it..' And he positioned her legs and she said she felt 'normal'..she looks so good and her spirits are so great..In the second pic, Ashley is doing her pressure release exercises..The last photo is of our daughter, Jessica and her husband Stephan, with Dad preparing to make pancakes..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ashley's Home Visit

Ashley came home yesterday morning for a 2 hr home visit excited to have her back home, even if it was only for 2 hrs..She also was thrilled to be here..didn't want to leave, but she knows that she has a little over 2 weeks of rehab and to continue to learn the skills she needs to be able to care for herself and lead a normal life..She was able to go everywhere in the house in her wheelchair, except for the bedroom and bathroom..which we are working on making the doors wider..She loves the kitchen because it is so big and open and she can reach everything and will be able to cook.. The one thing that happens to a person when they are wheelchair bound is the sense of uselessness...She feels like she won't be contributing to her and her boyfriend, as she use to work a full time job with overtime..I have told her over and over again that being a housewife and homemaker is a full time job and that is contributing..her boyfriend agrees..She is so happy to know that she will be cooking again...The one thing that they are trying to get her to do in rehab are 'wheelies' in her's the only thing that they have asked her to learn that she is balking at because it scares her..but they are working on it today..She continues to get stronger every day and we are so proud of her..Looking back at pictures at her first few days in rehab, remind me of how far she has come in just a month..even with the set back of the infections and 3 additional back surgeries..The first few days of rehab, we sat there watching her with her therapist, not having any 'balance' with tears in our eyes, because we knew how far she had to go..And also tears because we knew how hard she was trying..Now her balance is almost perfect and she has learned to do so much for herself..she still has so far to go, but I know that she will continue to get better and stronger every day...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Update on Ashley... much has happened since my last post..My computer went down during the last storm, so I had to have it fixed..not in a big hurry to do that since I have had no time to be on my computer
Since my last post of Ashley's first few days at rehab, she got 3 infections..bladder, uti, and Mersa..which is a form of staff..the dr. at Methodist also had missed a staple in her lower back, when he took out all of her staples and the infection was seeping out of that area..She was so sick and they took her back to Methodist and had to re open her back and try to remove as much of the infection as they could and put in a pump and a black sponge to suck out the infection..she had to have her back reopened 2 more times and be on a heavy duty antibiotic, which she is still on..The poor girl has been thru the ringer, including being dropped by 2 RN's after the first surgery, when they tried to transfer her from her bed to the chair..That's a whole other story that I will get into at a later time..She had so many blood test that her veins continued to 'blow' that they had to put in a pic line, which was much easier on her, as they can just draw blood from there and also do her antibiotics..The 12 days that she was back at Methodist, was just a nightmare and we are so thankful that she is back at RHI, rehab, and is doing fantastic..She has learned to transfer herself from the chair to the bed, has been in and out of a car, that they have there, and onto a commode and on to an actual bed..they will also teach her how to get up off the floor in case she ever falls, which we all know she her step son was pushing her outside and went over a huge crack in the sidewalk and she came out of her wheelchair and landed on the pavement..which is another long story..but luckily she was fine..but we all laugh and tell her that we will need to get her some knee pads, and elblow pads and a helmet..Her spirit is good and her sense of humor is still as great as ever..
We have alot of things to do to our house, as she will be coming home on Oct 1st. She finally decided that it would be best to come here for a few months..So we are renovating our house with a deck and ramp and new sidewalk..The inside doors are all 28" doors and her wheelchair is 30", we have to have someone come in and fix that problem..The 2 spare bedrooms that I used for my paint room and storage for my painted items have been cleaned out, (which took about a week, because I am a pack rat and have been painting the last 8 yrs and they were packed We are going to put an archway in between the rooms, so she will have a small master suite..french doors going out to the deck..still have to figure out how to redo the bathroom so it is suitable for her..So much to do and time is running out..I am working my shift at work and another woman's shift and getting about 40 hrs of o.t. to help pay for all of this..and we have a church that is going to build the deck..and I'm hoping they will be able to do the inside work, if I pay for the materials..otherwise, I guess, I'll just take my circular saw and make my own door ways larger and the way or another, it will get done..
We are still taking every day, one day at a time and remembering how thankful we are that Ashley is with us and getting better and stronger every day..I can't tell you all how happy I am that my daughter has the best sense of humor and we laugh together every day..I am so thankful that her personality is still the same and her determination is so great..I am so thankful for all of my 5 children..they are all strong and loving and have great determination..We are truly blessed..
I will say, that I did have a hard time cleaning out my paint room and putting all my paints away..I will paint again and that also keeps me passion and love for painting is still there, it's just been put on hold for awhile..when Ashley does move out and starts her life with her boyfriend, then I will have a new painting room..a master suite, with french doors and a new
Ashley will be coming home to visit this Tuesday, along with her physical therapist, to do a home inspection..The therapist, Katie, will be able to give us advice on how to make the home suitable for will be so good for Ashley to be able to come home, even if it is just for a few hours..She's so tired of Drs, and nurses, and aids, ect always being in her room..she says that she just wants to be in 'her room' here and be able to 'be alone' and have peace and quiet..I can't wait for that day either..It's been a long 2 months..So until next time, thank you for your prayers and have a wonderful day..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ashleys First Day at Rehab (RHI)

What a difference a few hours make...Ashley was transferred to RHI rehab at 1 pm today and it is a wonderful place..Nice, clean, airy and the staff are all smiling..Ashley's first request was to put on her regular street clothes, and her nikes, and get up in wheel chair and go outside..We were so surprized that they said 'of course'..So, that's what we did and to our amazement, Ashley handled sitting up in the wheelchair really well..most of the hour was spent without dizziness or nausea..the grounds are beautiful and we spent the time under a huge gazebo surrounded by roses and flowers..She couldn't believe how wonderful the air and flowers smelt after being in a hospital bed for 12 days..

The hard work starts tomorrow as her therapy begins and she is looking forward to the challenge and getting better and learning the skills she needs to live her life..Today is a great day!!

Ashley's Journey

The last 3 days have been pretty good for Ashley...She continues to get stronger and actually sat up on the side of the bed, with her back brace, for 15 was so good to see her sitting up with her feet touching the floor..She still has alot of dizziness from lying in bed for the past 10 days, but the dizziness and feeling of being nausious are subsiding a little..We, along with the physical therapist were in front and back of her, just in case. But, she balanced herself, holding onto the bedrail with her left hand, all by herself..When we tried to help her, she said that she wanted to do it herself..that's my girl..independent as all get out..always has been and I'm growing to love that about her..she's a fighter..

Our goal is to get her to a fantastic rehab, closer to home, that specializes in spinal cord injuries..which, she is suppose to leave today, if the doctors can get her off of a strong narcotic pain killer, because the rehab will not be able to give it to her..They took her off of it yesterday afternoon and put her on ibuprophen...that was a large jump, but she took on the challenge and seems to be okay this we'll see..

I treated her to a spa day yesterday, washing her hair with real shampoo, not the 'no rinse', and my wonderful leave in conditioner, gave her a facial with my Neutrogena Microabrasion system, and she applied her own make up..She looked wonderful and felt more 'human'...Our daughter, Jess and her husband, a friend from work and her boyfriend were all up to see her and there was alot of was a good day..
I have to add..she has such a loving, caring, and concerned boyfriend and we are blessed to have him in our family..He went to the store yesterday to get her new clothes and all her personables that she will need at rehab..He got everything on the list and the clothes he picked out were 'exactly' what she sent him for, even the sports bras and panties..he even knew her sizes..amazing..My husband just said, 'He's making me look bad' also have to add that Ashley's boyfriends mother is a true treasure..I worked with her years ago at a nursing home and she is such a good person..she, too, has not left Ashley's side in the last 10 days, traveling well over 60 miles a day, one way, to be with Ashley..She has 2 sets of parents on that side that love her and have accepted her into the family with open arms..She is truly blessed..
So, now we wait and see how her pain managment goes today and wait on the go ahead for rehab..We have heard nothing but great things about this facility and staff and are anxious for the next step in her very long journey to recovery..She continues to have tingling from her upper thighs down to her toes, in both legs..2 nites ago she asked her boyfriend if her feet were covered and he said partially, 'why?' and she said because she thought she felt a cool breeze on her left foot..yesterday she got a wierd look on her face and kept looking at her right foot and said that it felt like something 'scraped against it, or 'thumped' her toe..all signs that 'may mean something' or 'may mean nothing', as the neuro surgeons put it..but we remain to be hopeful that they do indeed 'mean something'...we'll just have to wait and see..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I don't know where to start..Since my last post, our family has suffered 2 near fatal vehicle accidents..I say fatal, because if not by the grace of God, both accidents could of turned out far worse. The beginning of June, my husband and I had picked up his motorcycle from the shop, after receiving 2 new tires..It was a gorgeous, sunny day and we were on our way home, with me following behind him in the car..We live in the country, so we were taking a nice, untraveled road back home..I saw the lady standing in the yard with her large black dog jumping around her and started saying outloud, "Lady, please get a hold of your dog" over and over again. At the exact moment, the dog bolted and ran straight for my husband. I didn't panic at that time, as most dogs just run beside a bike or car and just bark and nip..This dog however, ran straight in front of the bike, sending the bike up and over the dog, with the bike going sideways in one direction and my husband up and over the bike in the opposite direction..rolling and tumbling on the asphalt into a ditch..I was terrified as I stopped the car and ran to him, as he was not moving as he lye in the ditch, but so relieved as I got to him that he was moving..Long story short, he suffered a dislocated shoulder, deep cuts and abrasions, road rash, and a broken toe..the bike was totalled and the dog died..The lady kept telling us that she was sorry and that they could never get their dog stopped from chasing cars and motorcycles..My question, to this day, if they knew this and heard and saw us coming, why in the world didn't she just reach down and grab her dog or have it on a leash..note to homeowners, even in the country, there are laws of keeping your animals, even in the country, confined with a leash or fence..Now with all this being said, I do believe that 'everything happens for a reason'..Which will now bring me to last Friday night, July 17th..We got a call from my daughter's boyfriends mother around 9 pm..My daughter, Ashley, had flipped her SUV on an exit ramp and was ejected into the air and had landed on her back and could not feel her legs and was rushed to the trauma hospital in Indianapolis..A parents worse night mare, we rushed to the hospital with our son and daughter-in-law to find that yes she was alive, and awake, but that her back was broke and her spinal cord severly damaged..and no, she could feel nothing from her waist down..The rest of that night and several days later are such a blur of emotions and xrays and drs. reports, ect...We held on to the fact that she was alive and had not been taken from us..After 8 days of being at the hospital constantly and sleeping in our car, she has had back surgery, fought off the threats of pnuemonia, is sitting in a chair for short periods of time, and has some tingling in both legs, starting at her thighs and going down to her toes..The specialists say that could be nothing or something and that we would have to wait and see..They have said from the beginning that her odds of walking again are very slim, but we all hold out for the possibility of one day and treasure each and every little blessing we receive each day..
My daughter, Ashley, is and always has been a Strong-Willed girl..since the age of 9, she has showed us that she will get things done, one way or another, whether we like it or not..Today, I am thankful for her determination and her spirit..She has asked several times, during the accident, 'why did this have to happen now', or 'I don't want to live my life in a wheelchair', but quickly gets over that to looking to the future and looking at wheelchairs online (pink, of course, with black trim) or looking into modifying a car to be able to drive again..We all just take it one day at a time and she charges ahead to the future and the best way to get there..She has so many wonderful friends and family support that have been by herside, around the clock, to help her physically, emotionally, and spiritually..
Now, to get back to 'everything happens for a reason'..Because my husband lost his job last year, and I had to go back to work full-time, his days will be free to help with our daughter when she gets out of rehab..We have the extra money in our account due to the motorcyle being totalled, it allowed us to have the money for the long trips back and forth to the hospital every day, and for me to be able to take time off of work, and for the things she may need when she leaves rehab.
We are not at the point yet that we 'know the reason' for this to happen to our daughter, but that will come when it's suppose to..For now, we are thankful that there was a nurse following Ashley that day and was first on the scene to help her..We are thankful that the first policeman on the scene was a family friend and was there to comfort her and take control. We are thankful that she was NOT wearing her seatbelt, in this instance, because if she had been, she would of been killed..because the top of the SUV on the drivers side was totally crushed down..We are thankful for the driver's side door coming open allowing her to eject from the vehicle instead of being trapped inside..We are thankful and grateful to one of her close friends, who went back to the crash site to look for her glasses and found them setting upon some tall grass..just setting there, unharmed and of those little blessings..We take one day at a time and know in our hearts and our souls that everything will be fine and every day will get better..We don't try to harness Ashley from looking to the future and getting things done, because that has always been 'her way' and for her, its the best way for her to get things done and get over the herdles that come into her life...I wish that we could all have that 'gift'...Blessing to you all...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

High Winds in Indiana...

I was just telling my husband how much I loved my big beautiful tree in our front yard, and the very next day, winds came in the middle of the night and broke our tree down to the ground..and my poor husband was home alone, as I was working the overnight shift at work..He thought he was headed for Kansas, as he watched the cushions from our 3 seater swing fly across the patio and the swing fly into our small pond..There was no bad weather at my work, so I had no idea what he was facing at home..One of the newly installed wooden fence panels also came flying into the yard, toppling over the cement duck that he and our 2 grandchildren had just painted..I just sat there and almost cried when I saw the tree amazing that the wind could just bend this big beautiful tree and snap it like a twig..The good news is, my husband is fine and the tree missed our house by inches and it didn't do any damage to our plants and flowers as it landed in some flower beds..Our yard looks so opened up now..and bigger..I guess that's a

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day (a day

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day and spent the day exactly as you wanted..I had a wonderful peaceful day, spent out in my beautiful flower filled yard, with all of my children and spouses and grandkids..Okay, all my flowers are not in bloom, my yard is full of buds ready to bloom and I can imagine how beautiful they are going to be.. We have lived on our 1 acre country home, surrounded by corn fields for over 20 yrs and have finally gotten our trees and perinneals looking pretty husband has worked really hard thru the years in our yard and I get to sit back an enjoy his hard work..My daughter in law always brings me the most beautiful flowers or bushes on mother's day and this year she outdid herself..bringing me a beautiful multicolored Butterfly bush..I have never heard of this one, but the photo is gorgeous and I can't wait for it to start blooming..We planted this one near my kitchen window so I can view it and hopefully be able to spot our hummingbirds up close..My oldest daughter brought me a very healthy and large pink/purple lilac bush and we planted it near my paint just can't get a better fragrance than lilacs..okay, maybe a peony..which I am so happy to say that mine looks like it is going to bloom this year..I can't wait..Life is

I am also happy to say that I have returned to painting, after a 4 month absence...As many know, my husband lost his job, of 27 yrs as a concrete driver, back in Jan 08 and I had to return to the 'real job' world..Which I might add, I don't mind because I take care of mentally challenged adults, and have returned to my passion of helping others..BUT, I have been working 32 hrs of overtime each week and have had no time to indulge in my other passion of painting..I closed my paint room door, put all my paints away, cleaned my brushes and just worked and slept..I have returned to more normal hours, gotten my knee problems pretty much under control and have the energy and inspiration to paint again..I am working on a small vintage wicker hamper, and a few cutom feels so good to have the passion back again..but my mind races so fast with all the ideas, that I have to slow down and just think of one thing at a time..which I have never done too well..hahaha

I have a new litter of chihuahua puppies..getting bigger and stronger every day..Our white doberman, Dozer, now 5 1/2 months with his newly cropped ears, is growing so big and beautiful..all legs and in training and learning so quick and retaining what he is learning.
I recently received a lovely email from Kim of Twice Remembered, that is doing an article on vintage gumball machines on her blog..she came across my hand painted gumball machines with my pink roses and has asked me to be able to use mine on her blog..of course, I said yes and was honored that she felt mine were good enough to be posted on her blog..I visited her blog and it is wonderful and full of wonderful ideas and inspirational photos....take a minute or two and sit back and enjoy..
So until next time, I'll be painting and enjoying spring and all it's beauty...hope you all do the same and take care..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Newest Painting Creations

Hmmmmm, my blog seems to have been taking over by my fur a bad thing, because I can't ever get enough of them..but, I do still have recently finished an oval train case that I think turned out so shabby chic and perfect for the pink lovers..I have also been making pin cushions out of the old Ball jars and I LOVE how this one turned out..They are so useful for holding buttons, or sewing supplies, ect..I need to make one for myself..that will be my next project..I haven't listed these items on ebay or etsy, as of yet, because I am working so many overtime hours at work, I don't feel that I have the time to commit to my customers as usual..I do miss listing and talking with my customers, but hopefully, soon, I will be back into it full swing..I do have a 'helpful hint' about removing candle wax from countertops and painted husband accidently splattered candle wax out of my candle warmer and it splattered all over my counter and hand painted french phone..luckily the phone only had a basecoat on laid paper towels over the hardened wax and then used a hot iron and went over the paper towels..the wax melts into the paper towels and wha la, comes off of the counter tops..the phone was a little works on carpets as well and have used it many times over the years..The reason that I didn't just 'scrape' it off my countertops is because my counters are painted, of I didn't want to take the chance of ruining my countertops...even tho they are sealed, care has to be taken...Okay, I guess that's about all for now...Hope you are all having a wonderful and warm February day..

What's been keeping us BUSY!!!

Unseasonably warm weather here in Indiana has me so anxious for spring...Being able to put my male Cockatoo, Gab, outside the noise level in our home this winter has reached unbelieveable high all the puppies, 3 litters, as to date and all in the house at have been very very busy...or should I say, my on the other hand, have been working 32 hrs of overtime a week at my job...So, I have been working and sleeping and trying to keep up with some painting for some special orders...The doberman puppies are ready to find new loving homes, along with the first litter of long hair chihuahuas...2 of our dobies have found loving homes, with 3 to adopt out and of course, we are keeping the largest white male, Dozer..His name, Dozer, is short for when he was tiny (was he ever really he would bulldoze his way thru his siblings, happily nursing, and one by one remove them from their mama, until he found his 'perfect' spot for nursing...These white Doberman puppies, as I mention before, are just beautiful with their ice blue eyes and coloring..We have seen no sensitivity to light, as of yet...So far, they see fine and my husband has been working and training Dozer (never too early to start) and they all seem quick to learn..I took a video of my husband showing off Dozer..sitting and shaking cute and I was so amazed that a 4 week old puppy was doing this..He is going to be quite striking as an adult..

Now, for my beautiful little long haired chihuahuas fur babies...They are now ready to find new homes and are so much fun...cute little personalities and practicing their little voices..Notice that I put 'PINK' around their photo...I think chihuahuas always need pink...even if their other litter of chihuahuas are growing every day and getting fat and sassy...Well, at least 2 of one little male was too tiny to be able to nurse without his siblings taking over and pushing him out..So, we have been bottle feeding him every 2 hrs..He is the tiniest one that I have ever had and has the cutiest face with little black nose...He is 2 1/2 weeks and fits into a tea cup..Isn't he just the cutest little guy you have ever may have to keep have got to stop doing that..but sometimes, it's just so hard let them go.. I will keep posting new pictures of him to let you see his progress...I think he is going to be a beautiful adult..I will post some of my painting creations in just a little bit, as I have to close for now and go feed my little fur baby..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cold Weather..White Dobermans..more Chihuahua Puppies

With the start of a new year and the hope of good things to come, esp. with our New President..our house is FULL of the sounds of new puppies...Nikki's puppies are almost 4 weeks old and are getting so cute and playful and she has turned out to be an excellent mommy...they will soon find brand new loving homes..always hard to let them go, but I know that they will be loved and spoiled, as only chihuahua lover's can do..And I love the pictures that the new owners send me and the stories that they tell me..Our beautiful blue Doberman female, Thea, had her first litter on January 2nd..and we were up until the wee hours of the morning with her during delivery..Were we ever amazed when the first WHITE one came out..I immediately got on the internet and started reseaching this beautiful creature, since I had never seen one and my husband started thinking that an intruder had found it's way to her found out that there are pros and cons to a white 'albino' of which being the sensitivity to light..the word albino means 'lack of color'...I also found out that they are not actually 'white' but ivory or cream..and their markings, where the rust or tan would be is actually white..they really are something to see..and of course, my husband wants to keep and train the biggest white male for home protection..He has trained dogs for obedience and guard dogs for the past 25 yrs..Our home has always had a large breed guard dog protecting our family and property..And it's a funny in the country all these years, we never locked out doors..up until recently, with all the home invasions and robberies, ect..signs of the times I guess..Anyway, here are a few photos of our beautiful litter of dobies..

Two days ago, my other precious female, Sister, had her second litter of puppies..the cutiest (notice I say that word littlest chihuahua puppies..These are all white with black spots and black masks and are only about 3 1/2" long....The mommy and babies are doing well..I must say that it is a little noisy in our home with three litters of puppies, but it makes life happy and interesting...My husband was worried about the 'empty nest syndrome' when our 5 kids grew up and out of the home, but puppies have taken care of it keeps him busy, as I am always painting, creating or off to 'work'...

Is everyone else, as tired and 'over' winter and this cold weather, as I am? It's about 10 degrees this morning and snowing lightly....the older I get, the more I really dislike cold weather..I think more than anything, I am tired of the LP gas bills..It is on my 'list' to find a more cost effective way to heat our home in the winter..With my husband losing his job a year ago now, and unable to find another one in this economy, the large gas bills are hard...but I thank God that I found a wonderful job and are making ends meet..We have learned that we really don't need alot to live on and have gone back to a simplier way of life..It's alot less pressure and we find the time to enjoy life..which, in a way, is a real blessing...So, until next time..I'll be creating and painting and of course, having more puppies..and waiting until spring and warmer weather..Blessings to you all....

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I am a self taught artists and love to paint on anything..mostly found items, vintage,...I have done clients homes in murals, faux finishes..ect..Painting is such a passion and I am not afraid to paint on anything..floors, ceilings, countertops..I have painted my countertops to look like slate, or floors to look like tiles,..I have painted my husband's Harley (tank) with 'End of the Trail' and feathers, I painted the stock of his shotgun to look like mahagany wood..and the list goes on and on..Anything, in my opinion, can be transformed or created with paint...My passion is painting roses in the shabby chic style, but I also do tole painting, Americana, Roosters and hens, teddy bears, and on and on..

Some of my handpainted pieces

Some of my handpainted pieces
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