Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Where did last week go..lol

I just don't know where all the time goes..it just zips by so fast..I have been so busy trying to fix up the house...my husband recently lost his job of 27 yrs and has been 'home'..lol..it's a blessing and a curse..He's decided that our house needs updating..so little by little we have been fixing this and painting that..but it sure cuts into my 'paint' time..but I've been managing..One of my favorite projects for the house, was to paint my masterbath countertops to look like white marble..I think they turned out beautiful..what do you think? These pics were taken before the gloss varnish was applied..

This weekends weather was so springlike..it was in the 60's..not bad for Indiana..my husband spent the whole day, Sunday on his motorcycle...good for me, because I could paint..lol..but now it has turned cold again with freezing rain and snow on the way..I just keep looking out my window, and dreaming of all the pretty flowers that I will have in my yard..Our cardinals are back already and have made a home in their favorite tree..Their 'bird talk' is just so distinctive and I love hearing them chatter with each other..
I did have time to list a few items on Ebay this week..I love creating and I have really been into altered art and making it functional..here's a few of my creations on my auctions..

I've also been working on some special orders for customers...I love all the new friends that I have been making lately thru ebay and my website..They are all so special to me..I love special orders...

I guess that's about all for now..still staying possitive and no negativity in my life..lol..I made a resolution this year to stop worrying so much, be more possitive, get rid of all negativity and so on..The day after I made these resolutions, my husband lost his job, lol..then this week, my husband's car 'died' for good..and our water's pressure tank, we have a well, went bad..BUT, it's all good and I'm staying possitive..only good things and thoughts..lol..

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I am a self taught artists and love to paint on anything..mostly found items, vintage,...I have done clients homes in murals, faux finishes..ect..Painting is such a passion and I am not afraid to paint on anything..floors, ceilings, countertops..I have painted my countertops to look like slate, or stone..my floors to look like tiles,..I have painted my husband's Harley (tank) with 'End of the Trail' and feathers, I painted the stock of his shotgun to look like mahagany wood..and the list goes on and on..Anything, in my opinion, can be transformed or created with paint...My passion is painting roses in the shabby chic style, but I also do tole painting, Americana, Roosters and hens, teddy bears, and on and on..

Some of my handpainted pieces

Some of my handpainted pieces
These pieces are some of my favorites...

Handpainted Vintage French Phones

Handpainted Vintage French Phones
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