Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Newest Painting Creations

Hmmmmm, my blog seems to have been taking over by my fur a bad thing, because I can't ever get enough of them..but, I do still have recently finished an oval train case that I think turned out so shabby chic and perfect for the pink lovers..I have also been making pin cushions out of the old Ball jars and I LOVE how this one turned out..They are so useful for holding buttons, or sewing supplies, ect..I need to make one for myself..that will be my next project..I haven't listed these items on ebay or etsy, as of yet, because I am working so many overtime hours at work, I don't feel that I have the time to commit to my customers as usual..I do miss listing and talking with my customers, but hopefully, soon, I will be back into it full swing..I do have a 'helpful hint' about removing candle wax from countertops and painted husband accidently splattered candle wax out of my candle warmer and it splattered all over my counter and hand painted french phone..luckily the phone only had a basecoat on laid paper towels over the hardened wax and then used a hot iron and went over the paper towels..the wax melts into the paper towels and wha la, comes off of the counter tops..the phone was a little works on carpets as well and have used it many times over the years..The reason that I didn't just 'scrape' it off my countertops is because my counters are painted, of I didn't want to take the chance of ruining my countertops...even tho they are sealed, care has to be taken...Okay, I guess that's about all for now...Hope you are all having a wonderful and warm February day..

What's been keeping us BUSY!!!

Unseasonably warm weather here in Indiana has me so anxious for spring...Being able to put my male Cockatoo, Gab, outside the noise level in our home this winter has reached unbelieveable high all the puppies, 3 litters, as to date and all in the house at have been very very busy...or should I say, my on the other hand, have been working 32 hrs of overtime a week at my job...So, I have been working and sleeping and trying to keep up with some painting for some special orders...The doberman puppies are ready to find new loving homes, along with the first litter of long hair chihuahuas...2 of our dobies have found loving homes, with 3 to adopt out and of course, we are keeping the largest white male, Dozer..His name, Dozer, is short for when he was tiny (was he ever really he would bulldoze his way thru his siblings, happily nursing, and one by one remove them from their mama, until he found his 'perfect' spot for nursing...These white Doberman puppies, as I mention before, are just beautiful with their ice blue eyes and coloring..We have seen no sensitivity to light, as of yet...So far, they see fine and my husband has been working and training Dozer (never too early to start) and they all seem quick to learn..I took a video of my husband showing off Dozer..sitting and shaking cute and I was so amazed that a 4 week old puppy was doing this..He is going to be quite striking as an adult..

Now, for my beautiful little long haired chihuahuas fur babies...They are now ready to find new homes and are so much fun...cute little personalities and practicing their little voices..Notice that I put 'PINK' around their photo...I think chihuahuas always need pink...even if their other litter of chihuahuas are growing every day and getting fat and sassy...Well, at least 2 of one little male was too tiny to be able to nurse without his siblings taking over and pushing him out..So, we have been bottle feeding him every 2 hrs..He is the tiniest one that I have ever had and has the cutiest face with little black nose...He is 2 1/2 weeks and fits into a tea cup..Isn't he just the cutest little guy you have ever may have to keep have got to stop doing that..but sometimes, it's just so hard let them go.. I will keep posting new pictures of him to let you see his progress...I think he is going to be a beautiful adult..I will post some of my painting creations in just a little bit, as I have to close for now and go feed my little fur baby..

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I am a self taught artists and love to paint on anything..mostly found items, vintage,...I have done clients homes in murals, faux finishes..ect..Painting is such a passion and I am not afraid to paint on anything..floors, ceilings, countertops..I have painted my countertops to look like slate, or floors to look like tiles,..I have painted my husband's Harley (tank) with 'End of the Trail' and feathers, I painted the stock of his shotgun to look like mahagany wood..and the list goes on and on..Anything, in my opinion, can be transformed or created with paint...My passion is painting roses in the shabby chic style, but I also do tole painting, Americana, Roosters and hens, teddy bears, and on and on..

Some of my handpainted pieces

Some of my handpainted pieces
These pieces are some of my favorites...

Handpainted Vintage French Phones

Handpainted Vintage French Phones
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