Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cold Weather..White Dobermans..more Chihuahua Puppies

With the start of a new year and the hope of good things to come, esp. with our New President..our house is FULL of the sounds of new puppies...Nikki's puppies are almost 4 weeks old and are getting so cute and playful and she has turned out to be an excellent mommy...they will soon find brand new loving homes..always hard to let them go, but I know that they will be loved and spoiled, as only chihuahua lover's can do..And I love the pictures that the new owners send me and the stories that they tell me..Our beautiful blue Doberman female, Thea, had her first litter on January 2nd..and we were up until the wee hours of the morning with her during delivery..Were we ever amazed when the first WHITE one came out..I immediately got on the internet and started reseaching this beautiful creature, since I had never seen one and my husband started thinking that an intruder had found it's way to her found out that there are pros and cons to a white 'albino' of which being the sensitivity to light..the word albino means 'lack of color'...I also found out that they are not actually 'white' but ivory or cream..and their markings, where the rust or tan would be is actually white..they really are something to see..and of course, my husband wants to keep and train the biggest white male for home protection..He has trained dogs for obedience and guard dogs for the past 25 yrs..Our home has always had a large breed guard dog protecting our family and property..And it's a funny in the country all these years, we never locked out doors..up until recently, with all the home invasions and robberies, ect..signs of the times I guess..Anyway, here are a few photos of our beautiful litter of dobies..

Two days ago, my other precious female, Sister, had her second litter of puppies..the cutiest (notice I say that word littlest chihuahua puppies..These are all white with black spots and black masks and are only about 3 1/2" long....The mommy and babies are doing well..I must say that it is a little noisy in our home with three litters of puppies, but it makes life happy and interesting...My husband was worried about the 'empty nest syndrome' when our 5 kids grew up and out of the home, but puppies have taken care of it keeps him busy, as I am always painting, creating or off to 'work'...

Is everyone else, as tired and 'over' winter and this cold weather, as I am? It's about 10 degrees this morning and snowing lightly....the older I get, the more I really dislike cold weather..I think more than anything, I am tired of the LP gas bills..It is on my 'list' to find a more cost effective way to heat our home in the winter..With my husband losing his job a year ago now, and unable to find another one in this economy, the large gas bills are hard...but I thank God that I found a wonderful job and are making ends meet..We have learned that we really don't need alot to live on and have gone back to a simplier way of life..It's alot less pressure and we find the time to enjoy life..which, in a way, is a real blessing...So, until next time..I'll be creating and painting and of course, having more puppies..and waiting until spring and warmer weather..Blessings to you all....

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I am a self taught artists and love to paint on anything..mostly found items, vintage,...I have done clients homes in murals, faux finishes..ect..Painting is such a passion and I am not afraid to paint on anything..floors, ceilings, countertops..I have painted my countertops to look like slate, or floors to look like tiles,..I have painted my husband's Harley (tank) with 'End of the Trail' and feathers, I painted the stock of his shotgun to look like mahagany wood..and the list goes on and on..Anything, in my opinion, can be transformed or created with paint...My passion is painting roses in the shabby chic style, but I also do tole painting, Americana, Roosters and hens, teddy bears, and on and on..

Some of my handpainted pieces

Some of my handpainted pieces
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Handpainted Vintage French Phones

Handpainted Vintage French Phones
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