Tuesday, May 19, 2009

High Winds in Indiana...

I was just telling my husband how much I loved my big beautiful tree in our front yard, and the very next day, whammy..lol...straitline winds came in the middle of the night and broke our tree down to the ground..and my poor husband was home alone, as I was working the overnight shift at work..He thought he was headed for Kansas, as he watched the cushions from our 3 seater swing fly across the patio and the swing fly into our small pond..There was no bad weather at my work, so I had no idea what he was facing at home..One of the newly installed wooden fence panels also came flying into the yard, toppling over the cement duck that he and our 2 grandchildren had just painted..I just sat there and almost cried when I saw the tree gone...how amazing that the wind could just bend this big beautiful tree and snap it like a twig..The good news is, my husband is fine and the tree missed our house by inches and it didn't do any damage to our plants and flowers as it landed in some flower beds..Our yard looks so opened up now..and bigger..I guess that's a plus..lol..

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Northwest Pretties said...

Wow what a day!! I'm glad to hear that everyone is good! We had a tree fall on our watershed earlier this Spring, what a mess (too) seems like it's always something!

Plant a New tree, have the little ones help! Make more Memories.

Take Care Sweetie,

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